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Node.js and WebStorm running slow all of a sudden When start up my server (local) and connect to my webpage, these are the speeds I am getting: GET / 304 533.393 ms - - GET /css/animate.min.css 304 2794.804 ms - - GET /css/bootstrap.min.css 304 2807.520 ms - - GET. Dec 28, 2020 · @matthewmueller I have a slightly stronger use case for this. Our prisma index.d.ts file is over 400,000 lines long. At this size, Webstorm and VSCode both stop linting entirely and many other related functions stop working such as auto-completion on types.. First things first, ensure your project is configured to utilise webstorm resources efficiently by excluding particular directories from a project. This will ensure the containing files are not indexed in memory and will not decrease performance when performing functions such as searching for files or text within files.. 2022-7-26 · To force reindex a project, use Invalidate caches. Indexing in IntelliJ IDEA is responsible for the core features of the IDE: code completion, inspections, finding usages, navigation, syntax highlighting, and refactorings. It starts when you open your project, switch between branches, after you load or unload plugins, and after large external.
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